We operate in Water and Energy sectors, offering technical engineering services to provide innovative and efficient solutions.

Our clients, ranging from large buildings to industrial facilities, can hand over the entire water treatment management operation to us. We have our own chemicals for various applications – potable, waste, cooling towers, closed cold and hot water circuits , boilers, pools, ornamental fountains – providing solutions in terms of microbiological, physical and chemical treatment – corrosion, fouling, etc. – that different treatments require. Our Water department has a team of highly qualified technicians for the operational management of all the services in terms of monitoring and control, planning, analysis and definition of procedures to be followed in each specific situation.

We created our own software that can be tailored, which our clients can use for the document management of the water treatment services –

In the energy sector we have a team of technicians focusing on energy assessment. This team can identify points that can be targeted for intervention and can generate energy savings within an acceptable ROI period. Our team is also able to design and install the desired solution as well. Furthermore, our team is capable of repairing and maintaining all the electromechanical components of the equipment we provided.