Research & Development

Research and development is at the root of our creation. Working on the field with very complex engineering work, resorting to cutting edge technology, we quickly understood the need for the creation of a department of research and development. Initially it supported the presentation of innovative and more efficient solutions to our clients in various projects developed by us. However, in time, this led to the creation of a team that that currently develops management/engineering tools, which enhance our offer and help our clients in their daily management chores of their facilities.

An example of this is the wemeter ( tool, developed by our R & D department and is briefly, a utilities management tool – water, electricity and gas – for large buildings and facilities, where the customer has access to the history of water and energy consumption, pre-defined and customized reports in units of measure (kWh/m3) or Euros. The tool was also developed for provisional calculation, using very accurate methods of calculation, where the client can make future estimations of the various monitored consumptions, with margins of error significantly reduced.

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