The success of water treatment service is associated with the effectiveness of our actions:

  • Training, implementation, maintenance procedures, monitoring and control
  • The Operations Department of our client (ensures the supervision of the implemented procedures)
  • And the maintenance resident team (who performs the daily procedures implemented.)

The proper functioning of this triangle is extremely important because each party involved has a key role in the overall process of management of water treatment services to make them effective and efficient.


The philosophy of the service is based on the implementation of various procedures and the application of specific chemical products for each use, ensuring the normal operation of water treatment plant at varying usage levels, with the aim that the water circuits remain in full microbiological, physical and chemical conditions.

All the feedback, recommendations and ideas that can be generated either by local operations department or by maintenance teams residents, are always an asset and grant us the opportunity to permanently improve our service. Therefore, we consider the information circulation very important and that all teams feel comfortable to present their issues in an atmosphere of closeness and always aimed to continuous improvement of treatment processes.

In order to facilitate the information processing, we have developed an online tool with all the documentary information of the costumer where they can have access to all information regarding:

  • Technical reports
  • Records
  • Work instructions
  • Procedures
  • Legislation
  • Glossary
  • Chemical products applied – datasheets
  • Annual planning