All-in-one monitoring and management utility

Track and manage electricity, water and gas consumptions, anytime, anywhere.




Web Application Get access to simple and intuitive dashboards from any computer or smartphone, anytime and anywhere.
All-in-one Building Utility Management Track, manage and control electricity, water and gas. Compare utilities among different buildings.
Performance Analysis Analyze your utilities efficiency using our key performance indicators for each utility and advanced indicator comparison engine.
Advanced On-line Monitoring Get access to live charts, trends and conditions.
Advanced Reporting Save time by generating quick and effective reports with complex data and charts with rich and customizable content. Schedule which reports should be periodically generated and to whom should they be delivered. Different document formats are supported(.pdf, .xls, .doc).
Trend Analysis and Forecasting Get insight of utility trends and predictions. Get the most out of our advanced forecasting engine based on machine-learning learning algorithms.
Utility Rates and Billing An easy-to-use rate wizard is available that helps you to specify contracts, rates and rate timetables.
Plug and Play Platform Standard-based communication protocols (such as Modbus) enable the seamless integration of existing metering devices and actuators, reducing the investment in new metering equipment.





1 Track and manage utility consumption over time
2 Benchmark and compare efficiency among different buildings and utility grids
3 Reduce peak demand surcharges
4 Reduce power factor penalties
5 Balance utility consumption according to rate time intervals
6 Improve rate negotiation with utility providers by forecasting utility demands, comparing rate periods and aggregating loads
7 Keep track of your budget and Identify billing discrepancies
8 Automatically and periodically receive utility consumption reports
9 Verify the reliable operation of equipment and be alerted otherwise



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